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2017 강원민속예술축전

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  1. Introduction of the 2015 PyeongChang Biennale

    For the success of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, an art event is hosted as a prestige international ‘Culture Olympics’. The harmony of art and sports is realized for recovering the ecosystem, pursuing peace, and to create a base for Gangwon culture.
    • - Provide the base for 2015 Gangwon International Art Festival
    • - Liaison between the Winter Olympics and the Art Exhibition
    • - Harmony of Art & Sports ⇒ Élan Vital
    • - Provide the value of lasting art culture after the Olympics

    Theme of the Exhibition

    테마: 생명의 약동(엘랑비탈)
    Theme : Élan Vital – The French pronunciation of Vital is same as the Korean word ‘Bital (Slope)’, and the “Vitality of Gangwon” is expressed ambiguously to include the meaning of ‘creativity & value of living energy’.

    - Art in Nature, Communicative Art, Healthy Art -


    평창비엔날레 워터마크


    The initials of Gangwon International Art Exhibition are to provide simple, sophisticated and strong feeling, and the proposition for globalization and the inherent value of the region are combined in harmony to be imprinted with the PyeongChang Biennale for opening the culture for the future. In the representative images of Gangwon-do such as mountains and slopes, an intimate feeling of calligraphy handwriting is applied to express Élan Vital in natural combination of the Orient & West. The wine color symbolizing dignity and nobility, and the green color symbolizing life and hope symbolize the value and vision pursued by the PyeongChang Biennale. 2015 PyeongChang Biennale Logo
    2015평창비엔날레 로고

    Logo Type

    Along with the watermark, the logo type is also a basic element of communication for the 2015 PyeongChang Biennale Visual Identity, and it is a designated letter style to be in harmony with the watermark image. The letter type, thickness and proportion cannot be changed randomly, and all use of manuscripts shall be enlarged, reduced and copied by the computer data.


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