copyrightⓒ2015PyeongCahngBiennale Artist by Monica Gallab <Untitled - ascension>
2017 강원민속예술축전

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  1. Élan Vital
    Élan Vital exists in the inner impulse and outer behaviors such as nature, human, culture, sports and art, etc., and in all changes enabled through this. Also, it refers to the infinite potential and energy of life that makes us always astonish inside the everyday life. The theme exhibition of this 2015 PyeongChang Biennale [GIAX] of <Élan Vital> is homonym of the Korean word ‘Bital (slope)’, and in Gangwon-do filled with ‘Élan Vital’, the great creativity, value and beauty of life will be presented through the three sub-themes of ‘inner panorama’, ‘energy movement’, and ‘great everyday life’. Also, we hope that ‘Élan Vital’ is filled in the lives of all people through the exhibition.
    • Title : Élan Vital
    • Schedule : Jul. 23 ~ Aug. 11, 2015 (For 20 days)
    • Location : PyeongChang Alpensia Resort, Ski House, Convention Center
    • Contents
      Sub-theme : Inner panorama / Energy movement / Great everyday life
      Genre : Media, installation, flat painting, three-dimensional paining, sculpture
      Participating countries : Domestic (28 artists), Foreign (13 countries, 22 artists) (Korea, Germany, Mexico, Vietnam, Belgium, Brazil, Iceland, UK, India, Japan, China, USA, France, Hungary)

    Élan Vital Gallery


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