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Introduction of PyeongChang Biennale
Realization of ‘Culture Olympism’ for a success in 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games

The PyeongChang Biennale is an international art exhibition that was established in 2013 by the National Special Act to host the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games as a successful Culture Olympic. After PyeongChang Biennale 2017 is held in February 2017, the exhibition will also be held during the period of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.
Overview of PyeongChang Biennale 2017
Overview of PyeongChang Biennale 2017
Title The Five Moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
Composition Main exhibition (World Wide Video, Art Linkers), Special exhibition: Foehn, other events
Period Feb. 3, 2017 (Fri) ~ Feb. 26 (Sun)(for 24 days)
Location E-zen, Gangwon-do (Gangneung)
Organizer Gangwon-do Privince
Host Gangwon International Art Exhibition & International Folk Art Festival Organizing Committee
Sponsor Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Gangwon Provincial Council, Press companies within Gangwon-do, etc.
Introduction of Executive Art Director
예술총감독 김성연

Seong-youn Kim

Graduated from Hongik University, Occidental Painting, received Master’s Degree in Art at New York University, and Doctor’s Degree in design at Tongmyong University. His alternative art activity began with the establishment of <Alternative Space Island> in 1999, and until 2012, he was the director of the <Alternative Space Bandi> to manage exhibition planning, educational programs, monthly art magazine, Busan International Video Art Festival, and International Residency Program, etc. Also, he worked as the guest curator of the Busan Biennale, curator of the special exhibition in Art Busan, exhibition director of Moving Triennale, executive curator of the 2015 Singapore Open Media Art Festival, and planned the Kim’s Art Field Museum. Currently, he is actively lecturing as the adjunct professor in Kyungsung University, School of Arts, and works for planning.
Theme of PyeongChang Biennale 2017

‘The Five Moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown’

The theme of the PyeongChang Biennale 2017 of ‘The Five Moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown’ is an exhibition of providing the private and micro-historical view through the context of contemporary art. Through this exhibition participated by various domestic & foreign artists, the individual lives, trifles and the value in everyday life are shed with new light, and the new view of looking at the future is provided.
In this Biennale, the spaces in the everyday life are reorganized into artistic spaces for the intimate relationship with the citizens, and the citizen-participating programs are operated to aim for art inside everyday life and participatory art. Also, the authoritative properties of art are to be broken to find a new direction of the contemporary art.
The theme ‘The Five Moons: In the East Sea, the Sky, the Lake, in the Wine Glass and in One’s Eyes’ that is delivered in the hosting region of the exhibition of Gangneung symbolizes the historic site of the region, Gyeongpodae Pavilion.
Composition of the PyeongChang Biennale 2017
Theme exhibition : The Five Moons : Return of the Nameless and Unknown
  • Main exhibition International contemporary exhibition including all media such as plane, installation and media, etc.
  • World Wide Video Domestic & foreign contemporary single-channel video work projection
  • Art Linkers Outdoor art exhibition using bus and phone booth, etc.
Special exhibition : Foehn
  • Artwork and archive exhibition shedding new light to the traces of the representative senior artists in Gangwon-do
Other events
  • Opening ceremony
  • Citizen-participating art program, ‘Ssak (Sprout)’ Citizen supporters program, lecture and program for citizen participation
  • Artwork, ‘Root’ Program for research and support to young artists in Gangwon-do
  • Peace Project 155 Citizen-participating program of community art using the coastline military truce line in Songjeong Beach (Oct. 15 ~ 16, 2016)
  • International seminar Invitation seminar of domestic & foreign planners & researchers in arts
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